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Kiltox were recently called in to act as advisors to the programme makers of My Horror Home and our Damp Doctors appeared to give the occupier the best solution to her mould problems!



Breathing in polluted air is undoubtedly a health hazard on a par with drinking polluted water, yet that is exactly what people living in damp affected properties are doing every day of their lives.

Any dwelling affected by dampness, condensation and mould growth is a potential health hazard as the internal air supply will inevitably contain known allergens such as the hundreds of different mould spores, it will contain Bacteria, Viruses and a variety of household pollutants such as dust, smoke, cooking grease, towel lint etc.

The air may contain gasses given off by decomposing organic matter, it may contain Carbon Monoxide or Nitrogen Dioxide, it may contain a cocktail of hundreds of potentially toxic vapours given off by paints and solvents, plastics, furnishings, dry-cleaned clothes, hair sprays and deodorants. Above all it will contain excessive humidity levels that trigger an increase in Dust Mite activity, which in turn aggravates Asthma sufferers of whom children and the aged are the most vulnerable.

We can live for 70 days without food. We can live for seven days without water. We canít live longer than seven minutes without air and it follows therefore, that breathing in this toxic time bomb day after day will damage the health of the occupants.

We breathe in approximately 500 million times during an average lifetime, we breathe in 20,000 pints of air a day, each pint containing the precious oxygen needed by every cell in our body and it is vital that we have continuous supplies of high quality fresh air.

When we inhale heavy polluted air, we restrict our oxygen intake, which creates an imbalance in the blood, which in turn begins to affect the immune system, the central nervous system and the vital organs, i.e. oxygen starvation is known to cause brain damage.

These consequential effects of polluted air are particularly dangerous in the case of new born children who have immature immune systems.

The stresses and strains of living in such conditions, of seeing the health of your loved ones in jeopardy, takes its toll, and, even though you may suffer in silence, it undoubtedly causes a great deal of distress, worry, anxiety, mental fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, call it what you will, any or all of it can lead to a breakdown of mental or physical health.

There is a duty of care, incumbent upon Central Government, upon every Westminster or Local Government Politician, upon every Local Authority Housing Director, Environmental Health Officer, Architect, Surveyor or Technical Officer, upon every Landlord and Managing Agent, to ensure that people do not have to live in damp polluted homes.

The main responsibility rests with every Environmental Health Officer, because they have the power to ensure that any property affected by dampness, condensation and mould growth is declared unfit for habitation. Indeed under the Environmental Protection Act, on the grounds of Statutory Nuisance, and under the fitness guidelines of other current Housing Acts, he has an absolute duty of care to do so.

Your local Environmental Health Officer can also arrange for grant monies to be made available to pay for the Specialist Equipment, Products and Services that will make them fit again.

There is no longer any reason why anyone should have to live in a toxic cloud when all that is required is adequate continuous air changes.

Kiltox Damp Free Solutions can provide all your requirements.

Call the Nationwide Damp and Indoor Air Quality Advisory Line on 020 8858 6277 for further information.



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